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Software of schedule for Demand responsive transport DRT

Why use computer software dedicated to DRT?

The specificities of demand- responsive transport DRT

DRT includes all passenger transport companies with reservation. Transport vehicles with driver, the small size, and coach operators.

Demand- responsive transport requires strict organization in order to successfully complete all the missions that customers have reserved.

The imperatives of Demand- responsive transport

The means

For some branches of DRT, such as TVD, there are regulations which impose strict criteria to be met on the vehicles used: the car size, power, color…

The trade associations and professional organizations also have quality certifications that can be obtained by transport companies and which are based on different elements: quality in-vehicle services, quality of relationship with the driver, ... Obtaining this certification is an undeniable asset for winning new DRT customers, who are ever more demanding about the quality of service expected.

For TRPR, the normal requirement is proof of financial capacity as well as obtaining professional capacity, proof which will be requested upon registration of the company with the regional DREAL.

Obligation of result

According to the collective agreement on which it depends, it is clearly indicated that a demand responsive transport company will have obligation of result: from the moment it agrees to commission a driver for a transport mission, the company must bring it to a successful conclusion.

It is better to have high-performance means available in order to meet these obligations...

How can DRT software be of everyday use to me ?

Most often, a demand- responsive transport company just starting its activity will use the traditional office equipment to perform its activity management, excel among others, because it is quite easy to handle and allows to develop useful crosstabs for dashboards and statistics.

The management software is needed in a DRT company when the manager and operators need a tool on which to rely in order to develop business. It provides effective solutions to automate a number of time-consuming tasks such as :

  • A simplified billing solution
  • A tool to facilitate the calculation of the driver’s payroll
  • the automatic creation of missions sheets and welcome signs.

Above all, your software will provide visibility for your business that you do not have now: Cross statistics, activity forecast tables...

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