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School Transport : a simplified management

Why use school transportation management software ?

The management of school transportation requires a well-rehearsed organization.

Between the creation of routes, driver scheduling and the management of unforeseen incidents, the software employed must correspond to the imperatives of the business.

How to become a player of the School Transport business ?

To develop a school transport and/ or of disabled persons' transport ( TPMR) business, you must :

  • be a holder of the light transport capacity in transport of people
  • have completed specific TPMR training, demonstrate your ability to accompany people with disabilities and reduced mobility

The driver- accompanying person must demonstrate leadership ability and a real ability to adapt to the situations of the persons they will transport, and who may be elderly, or people with motor, mental or psychological disabilities.

Who to solicit for school transportation contracts ?

The transport of students with disabilities must be supported by social actions of the department, as specified in Articles R 213-13 to R 213-16 of the Education Code and " the principle of coverage, by the Department, of traveling costs incurred by the pupils and the handicapped students attending establishments of higher or general education and who cannot use public transportation because of the gravity of their handicap, medically established.

Often you will have to answer the public transport tender for a market. The contract will be concluded in a given period (one year or more) with a local authority or a provider of student transportation services TPMR seeking subcontractors.

Why use management and planning software ?

A school transportation management software addresses three main objectives :

1. To reduce time-consuming tasks: preparing rounds and recurring assignments

In TPMR management software, features are included which facilitate the enterprise’s daily work.
An example? The management of rounds and itineraries !

Thus, with WAY-Plan you can :

  • Prepare your tour rounds, with route optimization time / kilometers traveled.

Préparation des Tournées - logiciel TPMR

  • Manage the presence of passengers at each stage in each round

Logiciel TPMR - gestion des passagers

  • Plan in a few clicks the rounds for the duration of a contract or over a range of dates
  • Affect elements pertaining to presence of the passengers on the invoicing

A good preparation of rounds and tours enables any transport company to optimize its production costs by reducing the number of kilometers traveled and time spent on the road by drivers...

2. Having visibility of its activity

The immediate and medium term visibility is crucial to the development of a school bus company, as for any other demand- responsive transport business.

3. Structuring your business

  • Tools to manage employed staff drivers and individual contractor drivers,
  • Planning renewals of the vehicle fleet,
  • Offer customers a client section to facilitate transport reservations
  • To know whether the monthly projected turnover is achieved through general management and statistical tables ......

Structuring one’s company, is already being good position to answer calls for tenders of school transport and thereby lead to an expansion of turnover....
Moreover, a management software such as WAY-Plan is often part of the prerequisites for answering calls for public tenders for school transport

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