WAY-Plan est un service WAYNIUM

Administrative management

Regulatory compliance, employee data, accounting exports: WAY-Plan facilitates the administrative management of your business

Real-time calculation of data for entering driver payroll

WAY-Plan calculates and shows for each driver, month by month, all relevant data for your drivers to be entered to your regular payroll software. The calculations show you for example the number of days worked, half-days and days worked, bank holidays or Sundays worked, days of absence or days off, actual working time, costs, etc.

You can also configure the desired export to organize the spreadsheet at your convenience !

Personnel register : immediately accessible and updated

All companies require a personnel register, which can be requested by the authorities in the event of an inspection. This document must contain extensive up to date information for each driver and be updated after each new assignment (especially for replacement drivers).

WAY-Plan saves you the tedious work, and guarantees that employee legislation is respected, avoiding heavy fines in the case of an inspection ...

Track client payments and online payment

You can easily enter payments received. You can view all "late" payment deadlines and can chase up your clients in a few clicks !

WAY-Plan can also interface with your online payment solution to accelerate the collection of payments for your services.

Export invoices to accounts

WAY-Plan interfaces with your accounting software: no more re-entering invoices and payments. This option avoids considerable work each month for your accountant !

Good to know : WAY-Plan adapts to the organization of your accounts.

Track mileage and vehicle controls

WAY-Plan retains the latest mileage for each vehicle. It is easy to list the vehicles and check the next scheduled check-up date !

Employee access and traceability

WAY-Plan allows you to create as much access as necessary for employees to use the application. It is possible to authorize each of them to use all or part of the proposed features, or not, and limit their potential rights for certain actions.

WAY-Plan registers and keeps track of every action performed for each of the identified employees.

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