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Sales management

WAY-Plan enables you to manage your entire business, from client requirements to invoicing of completed assignments.

Receive the latest requirements from your prospects and clients directly in WAY-Plan

The WAY-Plan reservation form is customized to "your colors" and set according to the types of services you want to offer your clients and prospects.

You instantly receive all new requirements by email and simply have to click on "accept" for it to be taken into account by your billing software. Now all you have to do is indicate your price and confirm with your client...

Rapid creation of complete booking records files

WAY-Plan manages your recurring tasks and allows you to create complete booking records over the time period of your choice ... To invoice repeat booking, no need to re-enter "repetitive" information several times: the "duplicate" function takes care of everything!

The "return trip" button creates the return trip with 1 click from an existing assignment by inverting the pick-up and drop-off addresses for your client.

Fee schedules and distance calculation

Prepare in advance your fee schedules so that the most common services display the appropriate pricing, depending on the type of vehicle selected and the proposed service.

For each service and for each vehicle, the rate of overruns and the distance included is also logged.

Where departure and arrival addresses are indicated your transportation software shows you all the information to decide the “fairest” rate !

Sub-contractor purchase prices and partners’ commission

WAY-Plan lets you manage your outsourced partners and quickly see their tariff. Indicate the purchase price negotiated and immediately visualize the margin on each assignment !

Your quote and invoice management software also calculates commissions from your business partners, the percentages negotiated with each of them are recorded in a table tracking edges.

Send quality PDF quotes

WAY-Plan generates qualitative quotes, with several models are available. Each tariff proposal clearly shows that the services included, but also the costs overruns for different types of vehicles selected in the software.

The form letters module enables dispatch of quote documents and PDF invoices to customers in seconds.

Send reminders for unconfirmed assignments

Sales staff can visualize all missions to follow-up, as long as these have not been confirmed by clients, or abandoned. The most urgent tasks are displayed first.

Finalize your invoices in under 5 minutes

You can visualize costs declared by drivers in their mobile space, but also the time actually spent and the distance covered !

The employee responsible for billing may decide to add overruns and additional fees, without forgetting any information.

Sending the invoice to the client only takes a few seconds...

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