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Light passenger software transport

Transport of persons or light passenger transport : simplify your life with computer software

Under the terms "Road Transport of People" or "Light Passenger Transport" are usually grouped passenger transport companies in vehicles of less than 9 places.

The acronyms used for Light Vehicle assigned to Persons transportation depends of every country.

The specificities of the light passenger transport companies

Companies of transport of persons usually depend on the Ministry of Transport. Their main mission is the occasional transport of individuals.

"Are considered road passenger transport, all urban and non-urban road passenger transport, excluding transportation that public or private persons organize for themselves, as well as transport by taxis , small sized cars, passenger cars with driver, ambulances and funeral cars, as part of their special regulations".

Coach operators and passenger transporters therefore depend on the same basic legislation, only they will need a different capacity to be able to travel on public roads legally.

The organization of my passenger transport activity

Organization is the key word of your business, we know! As a transport of persons company, you have an obligation of means and results: if you accept your client’s mission of, you must find a way to achieve it.

What organizational means are available? In reality, they are quite numerous as you can use

Your smartphone: or touch pad: indispensable !

In addition to being reachable at any time, you can use all the reminders, calendar and instant-messenger applications. More or less tailored to your business, these applications allow you to perform basic management your daily activity, and even your agenda and communication with your subcontractors.
Limitations : Make sure you save your work outside of your device ! Otherwise, if you have trouble with your phone, you may lose access to your data ...

Free or generalist office tools

Many of you use office automation, Excel at the top of the list, to manage your schedule or daily planners of your business. The calculations are reliable, the tool is fairly easy to handle and can be adapted to specific business when a specific spreadsheet was set up.
Limitations : Forget mobility with Excel ... the file is stored on your computer or on the local network, you cannot access it in another way.

Management software: a guarantee of efficiency

Several computer programs dedicated to the transportation of individuals are on the market. They greatly facilitate your organization provided you have access to management and task-planning functions that are easy to use. You will benefit from automation tools such as automatic generation of proof of booking or collective tickets. Those which can be used on mobile devices when hosted on a web server, such as WAY-Plan, allow you to work on your schedule from your vehicle between 2 missions...

The management software can be tailor-made for your company or purchased from an editor. You decide how much time you have to develop it: if you are in a hurry, choose software already developed and used by your colleagues. As a bonus you will have the feedback from their experience to help you make your choice.
Advantage : After a short adjustment period, the saved in the daily managing your business will be considerable!

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